Date: January 21 at 1:00pm | Virtual Session

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Understanding Tax and Financial Benefits of Lifecare

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Please join us for an upcoming virtual session on "Understanding the Tax and Financial Benefits of Lifecare Communities". Learn how Lifecare at New Pond Village helps you predict and manage your care. Richard J. Weishaus, a Certified Public Accountant will discuss the financial benefits of Lifecare and answer your tax and investment questions.

This virtual session will cover: 

Advantages of Lifecare
The various benefits of Lifecare, which provides a set fee for life so that you don’t have to worry about accessing or paying for the care you need as you age. 

New Pond Village is the only retirement community in Walpole to offer Lifecare, which enables you to better predict the cost of healthcare, protect yourself from escalating healthcare costs and preserve your hard-earned assets in retirement. Ask us more when you call!

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Housing and Care Option
A combined housing and care option that helps retirees predict and manage the costs of their care.

Protecting Against Healthcare Costs
Ways to help prevent high healthcare costs and preserve your hard-earned assets.

Avoid Common Pitfalls
How to avoid common tax and financial mistakes to protect you and your loved ones.